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immigration reform. charles schumer and lindsey graham of south carolina are going to restart talks on immigration plans that were started two years ago. he believes this time, republicans have learned being anti-immigration reform does not work for them politically. >>> it's still too close to call. through six rounds, norman yeah has 11900 votes. now crowley has 11924 votes and that's a difference of only 21 votes. there are only 3,000 provisional ballots to count. the estimation could come tomorrow. >>> and people who registered at dmv offices found out they could not vote even though they filled out the proper paperwork. the federal radar federal motor vehicle law offered people the ability to vote and they say sometimes those applications don't always make it to the registrar of voters. >>> this weekend nascar race in arizona, jeff gorden intentionally crashed into clint bauer to retaliate over an earlier incident. they were not happy about it and went after him after he got out of the car. bauer ran to get involved but was held back and kevin harvick by the way won the race. >
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1